Leadership Golf Conference

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Teodor Denchev, TORO company
I would like to thank you on behalf of Toro for the preparation and excellent execution of the Stadium Pitch Engineering and Management Summit, Leadership Golf Conference and workshops this week in Moscow.
It was great to see the number of participants on all events and the sincerest interest from all. I hope also the feedback you received from the attendees will be positive and give you some ideas for future events. I wanted to thank especially to the Engo Team, making this event possible and flawless.

Bjorn Girrbach, CLUBCAR
Thanks for organizing this great event in Moscow. For me personally it was a really nice introduction in the Russian market with all the challenges and opportunities. Also a big thanks for the possibility to introduce Club Car to both conferences  and of course for the great hospitality you provided.

Nicholas Oakley, KPMG
Many thanks for a great event, very much enjoyed and was certainly constructive.

Peter Harradine, Harradine-Golf
I thank you very much for the great organization of the  LEADERSHIP GOLF Conference.

Laurence Pithie, TurfMasterOne
It is always a pleasure to attend the conference and I hope that the effort and organisation that you and your team at ENGO put in helps your business and that of turf management in eastern Europe move forward.

Simon Gumbrill, Campey Turfcare Systems
The event as I have come to expect from Engo was very well organised and a pleasure to attend. Well done to your team for last week

Kseniya Savelyeva, KPMG
Thank you for your email and inviting us to participate in the conference, we found the conference insightful and helpful both in terms of presentations and networking opportunities.

Yevgeniy Semyonov, Agalarov Estate /Агаларов Эстейт
Огромное спасибо за приглашение на конференцию. Все было по высшему разряду. Очень хорошая организация. Очень интересные выступления. Особенно Питер порадовал своими шуточками про дизайн.
Я очень рад, что ты и твоя команда продвигаетесь на российском рынке. С вами всегда приятно иметь дело. Успехов вам и процветания.  Еще раз огромное спасибо и до следующей встречи.
Thank you very much for the invitation to the conference. Everything was on the highest level. Very good organization. Very interesting presentations.  Especially enjoyed Peter  Harradine´s presentation with his jokes about the design. I am very glad that you and your team entered the Russian market. It is always a pleasure to deal with you, I wish you success and prosperity. Thanks again and hope to see you next time.

Denis Koltykhov, Skolkovo Golf Club, Колтыхов Денис,  Сколково гольф-клуб
Еще раз огромное спасибо за возможность участия в первой конференции ЭНГО в России. Буду Вам очень признателен если Вы перешлете мне презентацию Питера Харрадайна, которая была одна из лучших. Удачи Вам и процветания!
Thanks again for the opportunity to participate on the first conference ENGO in Russia. I will be very grateful if you will send me a presentation Harradayna Peter, who was one of the best. Good luck and prosperity!

Alexander Deniskin, Superior Golf Club and Spa Resort Kharkiv /Александр Денискин  
Хотелось бы, чтобы формат семинаров был не только теоретическим, но и чтобы мы могли увидеть все это на практике
It would be great if format of the seminar was not only theoretical, but we can also recieve some practical experiences

Dmitry Krasheninnikov, Golf and Spa Resort Old Binaradka / Дмитрий Крашенинников  
Очень понравилось! Сделать такой же семинар в Самаре!
I enjoyed it very much! Would be great to organize such an event in Samara!

Irina Kukharenko, Golf and Country Club Don/ Ирина Кухаренко
Было достаточно полезной информации
A lot of usefull information

Julia Stolyarova, Golf Digest / Юлия Столярова
Хотеось бы, чтобы подобные мероприятия проходили чаще, тематика расширялась от заседания к заседанию
Would be great if such events were more common  and topics covered expanded from meeting to meeting..

Egidejus Boleisis, Minskiy Golf Club / Едигеус Болеисис
Все хорошо!  
All was perfect!!

Irina Karpacheva, Floralife Ltd / Ирина Карпачева
Очень понравилось! Хотелось бы провести семинар в условиях гольф-поля
I enjoyed it very much! Maybe it would be good idea to organize such seminar  in golf club.

Maxim Bolchovitin, Golf Club Kozin / Максим Болховитин

Очень понравилось! Хотелось бы провести бы такой семинар на Европейской почве открытого Гольф- Клуба
I enjoyed it very much! Maybe it would be good idea to organize such seminar in some european open golf club.